Family Therapy Agreement
My partner and I agree to participate in Family Therapy. During our sessions we can work with the following challenges:

  • Effective communication
  • Perseverance
  • Active listening
  • Acceptance of our differences
  • Agression management
  • Stress management and management of stressful situations
  • Problems in our relationship
I understand that:

  • In spite of the fact that we will learn new skills on how to work on relationship problems, it is impossible to guarantee any results;
  • The focus of the work is our relationship and not individual problems;
  • Both partners are taking on equal responsibility for the issues in the relationship;
  • The focus of the work is going to be on increase of positive behavior and on conversion of complaints into requests; 
  • Partners should restrain from blaming each other and seeking the guilty party, or from being hostile toward one another; 
  • Therapist won’t “take someone’s side”;
  • In our work we will respect the privacy regarding homework’s assigned individually;
  • Session could include information about family history, important life moments, past relationships, and any past and current emotional challenges;
  • Family therapy is effective when all participants are open and honest in their communication, and when partners take responsibility for their feelings and behavior;
  • All sessions are confidential, and it is recommended that partners maintain confidentiality during our work, without discussing it with third parties; and
  • I am experience emotional problems, in addition to the relationships questions, therapist could recommend alternative ways of work and engagement

I understand and accept this Agreement

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