Whether you just met someone or know someone for a very long time it is important to have honest conversations with each other that allow us to get to know each other better. Being vulnerable is hard, but it makes us closer to one another. This game could be used with another person or in a group.

Original game created by BestSelf
Psy-to-Comm - Communication
 A game created initially by BestSelf as a conversation starter with someone you just met or know someone for a long time. The game consists of 150 prompt cards to start conversations that make a powerful bond between you.

Questions are divided into six categories. Being vulnerable with one another and having a conversation either one-on-one or in a group creates a closer bond with those important to you.

Pick a question for the evening, and you have 150 evenings of meaningful conversations around a topic picked. This doesn't have to take place anywhere special, it could be a conversation over breakfast, on the way to work, at dinner, or anywhere else where the two of you or a group of friends or a family are together.
  • General
  • Life
  • Deep
  • Experiences
  • If you could...
  • Would you rather...
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