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Relationships Research Institute was conceived as a thought back in 1998. It has gone through many iterations of its existence and is finally coming to life as a consolidated foundation and a home to scientist and others interested in everything relationships. We examine, through various instruments, relationships and communications - relationship with oneself (our take on food and sport, on health related matters), with children, significant others, family members, friends, society and life in general. We do this by observing and examining not only trivial behavioral patterns, but also through psychogenetic research by finding connections between our genetic markers and personality traits. 

The Founder of the Relationships Research Institute, Lena Feygin, spent most of her life long work on making people around her happier, by providing them with instruments for effective communication and to build conflict-free relationships, among other things. 

Throughout her work she found likeminded individuals and now as a team we deliver great products to different markets around the globe.

Our products are geared toward better understanding of self and others, and to enable for a higher quality of life of those whose lives we touch be it individuals or corporate clients. 

We create unique methodologies to be used as part of individual or group psychotherapy, corporate programming and become the core for tech products with focus on relationships among different groups of people. 
Lena Feygin - Founder and Head Scientist curious about the world and relationships. "I have spend more than half of my life dedicated to the development of psy-to-nomics methodology and its implementation in a variety of settings, from educational to corporate, and in individual use. The best part of it all is a positive impact these changes create in lives of others." FULL BIO

Kristina Belavic - Managing Partner and Communications Guru, with vast experience in communications, education, and a lot more as well as an expert on the easter European countries. FULL BIO

Elena Gusleva - Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist and Psychosomatics Guru, our presence on the East Coast of the United States.

Natalya Volperte - Geshtalt Psychotherapist and Head Scientific Officer, as well as our European Union presence covering the Baltics. FULL BIO

Secret Name - Chief Epigenetic Scientist, simply put genetics go to person.

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E-mail: lenafeygin@gmail.com
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